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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Sybil Lascelle  Abt 1861London, England P7635 Lavender 
2 Arkwright, Esme Francis Wigsell  7 May 1882London, England P16955 Lavender 
3 Baring, Charles Christian (Royal West Kent Regt)  16 Dec 1898London, England P12865 Lavender 
4 Baring, Louisa Emily  7 May 1804London, England P12427 Lavender 
5 Baring,, Elizabeth Countess of Kenmare  16 Mar 1867London, England P10558 Lavender 
6 Barter, Elizabeth  1837London, England P4480 Lavender 
7 Berkeley, Francis  Abt 1837London, England P13043 Lavender 
8 Berkeley, Lady Georgina Mary  4 July 1791London, England P13026 Lavender 
9 Berkeley, Louisa Mary  28 May 1840London, England P13050 Lavender 
10 Brassey, Hilda Madelaine  16 Jun 1872London, England P12900 Lavender 
11 Bridgeman, Margaret Alice "Molly"  20 January 1872London, England P12623 Lavender 
12 Brudenell-Bruce, Charles Frederick  4 Mar 1849London, England P15511 Lavender 
13 Brudenell-Bruce, Lady Ernestine Mary  1847London, England P15509 Lavender 
14 Campbell, Colin MP  March 8, 1853London, England P7630 Lavender 
15 Campbell, Evelyn E. Lady  August 17, 1855London, England P7632 Lavender 
16 Campbell, Victoria C. Lady  May 22, 1854London, England P7631 Lavender 
17 Campbell, Walter Lord  July 20, 1848London, England P7626 Lavender 
18 Chmielarski, Józef   I29 Nasze Korzenie 
19 Churchill, Marigold Frances  15 Nov 1918London, England P8574 Lavender 
20 Dawson Damer, Christian Norah  7 Aug 1890London, England P6224 Lavender 
21 Douglas-Scott-Montagu, John Walter Edward, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu  10 Jun 1866London, England P13328 Lavender 
22 Douglas-Scott-Montagu, Rachel Cecily  15 Aug 1868London, England P13325 Lavender 
23 Douglas-Scott-Montagu, Robert Henry  30 Jul 1867London, England P13327 Lavender 
24 Duncombe, Herbert Ernest Valentine (Hon)  14 Feb 1862London, England P15210 Lavender 
25 Duncombe, Hermione Wilhelmina (Lady)  Q3 1864London, England P15211 Lavender 
26 Duncombe, William Reginald  1 Aug 1852London, England P15213 Lavender 
27 Eliot, Louisa Susan Cornwallis  17 December 1825London, England P7857 Lavender 
28 Errington, Ethel  Abt 1850London, England P10589 Lavender 
29 Etheridge, Louisa Matilda  Abt 1848London, England P707 Lavender 
30 FANE, Dorothy  22 Mar 1717London, England P10162 Lavender 
31 Fitz-Clarence, Aubrey (4th Earl of Munster)  7 June 1862London, England P14570 Lavender 
32 FitzGeorge, Mabel Iris  23 September 1886London, England P16947 Lavender 
33 FitzGeorge-Balfour, Robert George Victor ( Coldstream Guards)  15 Sep 1913London, England P16957 Lavender 
34 Francis, Maude  1360London, England P8015 Lavender 
35 Gage, Mary  Abt 1797London, England P14674 Lavender 
36 Getberson, Louisa Jen  Abt 1813London, England P13329 Lavender 
37 Getberson, Margiris  Abt 1811London, England P13330 Lavender 
38 Gordon-Lennox, Amy Gwendoline  5 May 1894London, England P12904 Lavender 
39 Gordon-Lennox, Capt Victor Charles Hugh (Grenadier Guards)  10 Sep 1897London, England P12889 Lavender 
40 Gordon-Lennox, Frederick Charles, 9th Duke of Richmond and Lennox  5 Feb 1904London, England P12901 Lavender 
41 Gordon-Lennox, Lt Charles Henry ( Irish Guards)  26 Jan 1899London, England P12902 Lavender 
42 Grey, Mary Cecil  5 May 1907London, England P12951 Lavender 
43 Grosvenor, Victor Alexander (Earl Grosvenor)  28 Apr 1853London, England P18629 Lavender 
44 Hamilton, Beatrice  Abt 1836London, England P13408 Lavender 
45 Hamilton, Harriet  Abt 1835London, England P13409 Lavender 
46 Hamilton, Maud  Abt 1851London, England P13402 Lavender 
47 Hamilton, Ronald  Abt 1849London, England P13401 Lavender 
48 Horsley-Beresford, Louisa Elizabeth  Apr 1814London, England P15506 Lavender 
49 Houghton, Helen Mary Louisa  16 May 1857London, England P13137 Lavender 
50 Jones, Augusta  21 Mar 1813London, England P13049 Lavender 
51 Knatchbull, Norton Louis Philip  08 Oct 1947London, England P13284 Lavender 
52 Lane, Elza Mary Adelaide  11 Jun 1877London, England P16949 Lavender 
53 Lesko, Samanta   P1449 Mantvydas 
54 Leslie slingsby, Capt Thomas (Royal horse guards)  08 Nov 1827London, England P18601 Lavender 
55 Leveson-Gower, Lady Constance Gertrude  Abt 1835London, England P8698 Lavender 
56 Levy, Julian Antony   I37 Nasze Korzenie 
57 Lytherleigh, Henretta  Abt 1862London, England P2064 Lavender 
58 Lytherleigh, Kate  Abt 1864London, England P2063 Lavender 
59 Maitland, Patrick John  12 May 1816London, England P4113 Lavender 
60 Montagu, Lady Harriet Mary  14 May 1805London, England P10156 Lavender 
61 Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Constance  10 Mar 1877London, England P13309 Lavender 
62 Montagu-Scott, Charles William Henry 4th Duke of Buccleuch, 6th Duke of Queensberry, KT, Earl of Dalkeith  24 May 1772London, England P6503 Lavender 
63 Moullinge, Anna OR Dianie/Diana (Spalding)  1570London, England I516943 Tuszynski 
64 Oliphant, George  Nov 1725London, England P17594 Lavender 
65 Paget, Col George Augustus Frederick Commanded 4th light dragoons charged at balakalva  16 Mar 1818London, England P12278 Lavender 
66 Paget, Fitzroy Richard Clarence  13 Aug 1853London, England P17778 Lavender 
67 Paget, Henry Earl of Uxbridge  6 Jul 1797London, England P12285 Lavender 
68 Perrott, Marie Louise Priscilla  20 Dec 1909London, England P11536 Lavender 
69 PHILLPOT, Charles Lewis  About 1800London, England P1704 Lavender 
70 Phillpot, William  1718London, England P15296 Lavender 
71 Phillpotts, Alice May  About 1910London, ENGLAND P1820 Lavender 
72 Plantagenet, Edmund "Crouchback" ( Earl of Leicester)  16 Jan 1245London, England P5016 Lavender 
73 Ponsonby, Georgiana Sarah  14 Aug 1807London, England P7853 Lavender 
74 Ponsonby, Sir John William(4th Earl of Bessborough)  31 Aug 1781London, England P5866 Lavender 
75 Ponsonby, William Nicholas  21 Jun 1933London, England P15642 Lavender 
76 Poyntz, Georgina Elizabeth  1799London, England P5803 Lavender 
77 Poyntz, Isabella  6 Feb 1803London, England P15335 Lavender 
78 Radziwill, Elzbieta Maria Andrea Gabriela Dorothy   P13971 Lavender 
79 Randall, Charlotte Grace Isolda  Abt 1867London, England P13580 Lavender 
80 Ryder, Georgiana Elizabeth  23 Apr 1804London, England P13323 Lavender 
81 Sargent, Thomas  1708London, England P5302 Lavender 
82 Scott, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1770London, England P6507 Lavender 
83 scott, harriet  1 Dec 1780London, England P6504 Lavender 
84 Scott, Henry (3rd Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry)  1746London, England P6502 Lavender 
85 Scott, John Charles Montagu Douglas 7th Duke of Buccleuch  30 March 1864London, England P12624 Lavender 
86 Simmonds, Eliza Emma  Abt 1851London, England P4560 Lavender 
87 Spencer, Georgrina  1832London, England P5798 Lavender 
88 Spencer, Lavina Emily  1899London, England P5813 Lavender 
89 Spencer, Sarah Isabella  1838London, England P5797 Lavender 
90 Stewart, Elizabeth Euphemia  6 Oct 1771London, England P15234 Lavender 
91 Stewart, Jane  29 Mar 1798London, England P15228 Lavender 
92 Stuart, Dudley Coults  11 Jan 1803London, England P10175 Lavender 
93 Stuart, Frances  6 Jun 1801London, England P10249 Lavender 
94 Thynne, Alice Kathleen Violet  27 Mar 1891London, England P14550 Lavender 
95 Thynne, Alice Ruth Hermione  Abt 1867London, England P14545 Lavender 
96 Thynne, Alicia Rachel  Abt 1860London, England P14544 Lavender 
97 Thynne, Henry Boteville  14 Apr 1860London, England P14543 Lavender 
98 Thynne, John Alexander Roger  1 Sep 1863London, England P14541 Lavender 
99 Thynne, Lady Sophia  19 Dec 1763London, England P13369 Lavender 
100 Tollemache, Jane  1803London, England P13866 Lavender 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Austin  1877London, England P13042 Lavender 
2 Adam, David Richie RN  Abt 1918LONDON, ENGLAND P170 Lavender 
3 Baring, Anne-Eugenie Hon.  8 Mar 1839London, England P12425 Lavender 
4 Baring, Richard  15 Nov 1883London, England P10578 Lavender 
5 Beauclerk Dundas, Lady Caroline  23 Nov 1838London, England P14433 Lavender 
6 Berkeley, Arethusa  11 Feb 1743London, England P13063 Lavender 
7 Berkeley, Earl George Lennox Rawden  27 Aug 1888London, England P13038 Lavender 
8 Campbell, Mary Emma Lady  March 22, 1947London, England P7627 Lavender 
9 Cary, Lady Elizabeth Tanfield  23 Apr 1635London, England P13069 Lavender 
10 Clarke, Rachell  1665London, England I539140 Tuszynski 
11 Douglas, Gavin  September 1522London, England P13858 Lavender 
12 Fitzroy, Lady Charlotte  17 Feb 1719London, England P9561 Lavender 
13 Gage, Louisa Henrietta  19 Jun 1880London, England P14672 Lavender 
14 Gage, Mary  17 Jun 1871London, England P14674 Lavender 
15 Gage, Thomas Wentworth Revd  19 Mar 1837London, England P9613 Lavender 
16 Gordon, Catherine  10 Dec 1779London, England P9601 Lavender 
17 Gordon, John(16th Earl of Sutherland)  27 Jun 1733London, England P15586 Lavender 
18 Grosvenor, Lady Elizabeth Harriett  25 Mar 1928London, England P18628 Lavender 
19 Harris, Eleanor  1660London, England P7728 Lavender 
20 Henderson, Arthur J (Northamptonshire Regt)  1964London, England P6953 Lavender 
21 Howard, Henry Federick (22nd Earl of Arundel)  17 Apr 1652London, England P18448 Lavender 
22 Ives, Owen (Royal army service corps)  23 Nov 1951London, England P2101 Lavender 
23 Kerr, Lt Gen William(2nd marquess of lothian)(5th lord of Jedburgh) 7th Regiment of Dragoons  28 Feb 1722London, England P16073 Lavender 
24 Lamb, Peniston 1st Viscount of Melb  22 Jul 1828London, England P7874 Lavender 
25 Laurie, Rosalind Margaret Marshall  16 Jun 1932London, England P17784 Lavender 
26 Lavender, JOHN CHARLES ( Royal Army Medical Corps)  15 Feb 1940London, England P1041 Lavender 
27 Lavender, May Muriel Antoinette  1990London, England P9681 Lavender 
28 Marshall, Ada Lucy  25 Aug 1955London, England P4224 Lavender 
29 Maupas, Sibill  London, England P13077 Lavender 
30 McNeil, Ina Christina Erskin Hon.  December 24, 1925London, England P7621 Lavender 
31 Montagu, John George  29 Nov 1790London, England P10160 Lavender 
32 OCallaghan, Robert William  9 June 1849London, England P15627 Lavender 
33 Paget, Col George Augustus Frederick Commanded 4th light dragoons charged at balakalva  30 Jun 1880London, England P12278 Lavender 
34 Paget, William Henry  16 May 1904London, England P17782 Lavender 
35 Perrin, Sarah  1795London, England P1315 Lavender 
36 Phillpot, Albert E.  1 January 1962London, ENGLAND P1823 Lavender 
37 Pierrepont, Lady Mary  21 Aug 1762London, England P11681 Lavender 
38 Pinson, Elizabeth  Jun 1602London, England I555442 Tuszynski 
39 Ponsonby, Lady Catherine  4 Sep 1789London, England P14430 Lavender 
40 Ponsonby, Magdalen  1 Jul 1934London, England P7870 Lavender 
41 Ponsonby, Mary Elizabeth  26 Nov 1861London, England P15621 Lavender 
42 Richard, Clemence  14 Nov 1915London, England P10188 Lavender 
43 Rudkin, Edith Amelia  4 Feb 1963London, England P6683 Lavender 
44 Ryder, Georgiana Elizabeth  22 Aug 1884London, England P13323 Lavender 
45 SIVIER, Moses  1867London, England P3586 Lavender 
46 Stewart Baronet Bute, Sir JAMES  1662London, England P11758 Lavender 
47 Stuart, Anne (Queen of England)  1 August 1714London, England P5950 Lavender 
48 Stuart, Frances  29 Mar 1859London, England P10249 Lavender 
49 Stuart, Louisa  4 Aug 1851London, England P11673 Lavender 
50 Stuart, the Most Reverand Honorable, William Crichton  6 Mar 1822London, England P11671 Lavender 
51 Thynne, Lady Louisa  28 Dec 1832London, England P13368 Lavender 
52 Tibbs, Georgiana Dunham  6 Nov 1944London, England P17625 Lavender 
53 Venables, William George (Royal East Surrey Regt)  9 Jun 1957London, England P5435 Lavender 
54 Warfield, Roger  Feb 1591London, England I555441 Tuszynski 
55 Welles, John(1st viscount Welles)  9 Feb 1498London, England P17195 Lavender 
56 Williams, Ann Dering  24 Mar 1887London, England P1308 Lavender 
57 Woodville, Anne Countess of Kent  30 July 1489London, England P18237 Lavender 
58 Woodville, Jacquetta  1509London, England P18236 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Arthur Robert  1939London, England P12499 Lavender 
2 Adams, Percy H (Royal West Kent Regt)  1939London, England P12673 Lavender 
3 Baring, Charles Evelyn (1st Baron Howick of Glendale)  1939London, England P10588 Lavender 
4 Baring, Rowland Thomas (2nd Earl of Cromer) (Grenadier Guards)  1939London, England P10590 Lavender 
5 Baring,, Capt. Henry (17th Lancers)  1860London, England P5844 Lavender 
6 Bonaparte, Louis Clovis  7 March 1892London, England P10189 Lavender 
7 Christianson, Christian  2 Aug 1834London, England P16645 Lavender 
8 Christy, Henry John  1939London, England P10474 Lavender 
9 Eder, Margaretta Ida Wilhelmina  14 Apr 1890London, England P633 Lavender 
10 Fanning, Alice (Kate)  26 Sep 1887London, England P39 Lavender 
11 Fanning, William  9 Sep 1863London, England P3497 Lavender 
12 Harcourt-Vernon, IDA BEATRICE 2  1939London, England P1365 Lavender 
13 Harcourt-Vernon, MURIEL THERESA (Queen Alaxanders Army Nursing Corps)  1939London, England P1364 Lavender 
14 Ives, Owen (Royal army service corps)  2 Aug 1890London, England P2101 Lavender 
15 Kleinaitytė, Danguolė   P2735 Mantvydas 
16 Lavender, May Muriel Antoinette  1939London, England P9681 Lavender 
17 Mote, Mary Ann  8 Mar 1918London, England P8145 Lavender 
18 Musgrave, Gertrude Mary 1  1939London, England P1716 Lavender 
19 OLIPHANT, George  12 Dec 1759London, England P7706 Lavender 
20 Parsons, Virginia  1939London, England P14558 Lavender 
21 Porter, Fleetwood G (Royal Artillery)  1939London, England P3553 Lavender 
22 Račiūnas, Vytenis   P1348 Mantvydas 
23 Račiūnienė (Slapikaitė), Jolanta   P1474 Mantvydas 
24 Roe, Frederick Joseph  1939London, England P6660 Lavender 
25 Roe, Ivy Florence  1939London, England P6656 Lavender 
26 Roe, Joseph (Worcershire Regt)  1939London, England P6655 Lavender 
27 Sivyer, Frederick William  1939London, England P6957 Lavender 
28 Sivyer, Jane 3  1939London, England P3523 Lavender 
29 Sivyer, William Henry (Royal West Kent Regt)  15 Jul 1889London, England P40 Lavender 
30 Sivyer, William Henry 3  1910London, England P801 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Testament    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dann, Jane  12 Sep 1935London, England P186 Lavender 
2 Luck, Albert (Royal Sussex Regt)  19 Dec 1929London, England P3038 Lavender 
3 Maule-Fitzherbert, DOROTHY  13 Jul 1960London, England P1331 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Chmielarska   F6 Nasze Korzenie 
2 Baring / Mackintosh  26 Jan 1898London, England F3577 Lavender 
3 Baring / Winfield-Bonser  27 Feb 1906London, England F3666 Lavender 
4 Beauclerk / Manners  15 Aug 1802London, England F4057 Lavender 
5 Beauclerk / Ponsonby  4 May 1763London, England F4054 Lavender 
6 Bingham / Spender-Clay  30 Nov 1896London, England F3582 Lavender 
7 Bonaparte / Richard  15 Jun 1891London, England F2594 Lavender 
8 Cronk / Barke  14 Oct 1799London, England F1624 Lavender 
9 Gordon Lennox / Brassey  8 Jun 1893London, England F3590 Lavender 
10 Gordon Lennox / Fellowes  8 Jun 1909London, England F3591 Lavender 
11 Lavender / Pickard  8 Aug 1904London, England F1522 Lavender 
12 Leslie / King  22 Aug 1837London, England F5337 Lavender 
13 Montagu / Ashe  21 Jul 1751London, England F3199 Lavender 
14 Montagu / Montagu  16 Apr 1723London, England F2452 Lavender 
15 Montagu / Wriothesley  24 Aug 1673London, England F2191 Lavender 
16 Nicholls / Maxim  1906London, England F4737 Lavender 
17 Paget / Villiers Duchess of Argyll  1795London, England F3398 Lavender 
18 Perrott / Hare  10 Dec 1901London, England F3141 Lavender 
19 Phillpot / Cox  31 Aug 1746London, England F4361 Lavender 
20 Stuart / Coutts  17 Sep 1800London, England F2623 Lavender 
21 Venables / Ettridge  18 Oct 1753London, England F670 Lavender 
22 Warfield / Pinson  4 Feb 1545London, England F525315 Tuszynski 
23 Warfield, Rev. / Carter  1590London, England F523722 Tuszynski 
24 Zawada / Chmielarska   F2 Nasze Korzenie 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Chmielarska   F6 Nasze Korzenie 


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   Family    Engagement    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Chmielarska   F6 Nasze Korzenie 

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