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Edgar County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Zimmerly, Charles Franklin  Mar 1876Edgar County, Illinois I11052 Tuszynski 
2 Zimmerly, Daniel  Edgar County, Illinois I11034 Tuszynski 
3 Zimmerly, Daniel Alva  30 Dec 1876Edgar County, Illinois I11053 Tuszynski 
4 Zimmerly, Dora Isabel  10 Dec 1857Edgar County, Illinois I11045 Tuszynski 
5 Zimmerly, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1838Edgar County, Illinois I11029 Tuszynski 
6 Zimmerly, George Edgar  4 Apr 1868Edgar County, Illinois I11049 Tuszynski 
7 Zimmerly, Harriett  5 Sep 1844Edgar County, Illinois I11031 Tuszynski 
8 Zimmerly, Isaac William  16 Apr 1854Edgar County, Illinois I11033 Tuszynski 
9 Zimmerly, Jacob Gregg  17 Oct 1870Edgar County, Illinois I11050 Tuszynski 
10 Zimmerly, John  19 May 1841Edgar County, Illinois I11030 Tuszynski 
11 Zimmerly, John William  16 Oct 1861Edgar County, Illinois I11046 Tuszynski 
12 Zimmerly, Mary  27 Mar 1847Edgar County, Illinois I11032 Tuszynski 
13 Zimmerly, Mary Susan  25 Sep 1865Edgar County, Illinois I11048 Tuszynski 
14 Zimmerly, Sarah  4 Sep 1832Edgar County, Illinois I11028 Tuszynski 
15 Zimmerly, Thomas Burgess  4 Aug 1863Edgar County, Illinois I11047 Tuszynski 
16 Zimmerly, Tillie Evaline  14 Jan 1874Edgar County, Illinois I11051 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gregg #1109, Harmon  7 Jul 1864Edgar County, Illinois I2524 Tuszynski 
2 Zimmerlee, Isaac  30 Sep 1880Edgar County, Illinois I2586 Tuszynski 
3 Zimmerly, Charles Franklin  1 Feb 1952Edgar County, Illinois I11052 Tuszynski 
4 Zimmerly, Daniel  Edgar County, Illinois I11034 Tuszynski 
5 Zimmerly, Dora Isabel  23 Dec 1939Edgar County, Illinois I11045 Tuszynski 
6 Zimmerly, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1907Edgar County, Illinois I11029 Tuszynski 
7 Zimmerly, George Edgar  12 Sep 1907Edgar County, Illinois I11049 Tuszynski 
8 Zimmerly, Isaac William  16 Nov 1860Edgar County, Illinois I11033 Tuszynski 
9 Zimmerly, Jacob  13 Jul 1911Edgar County, Illinois I2513 Tuszynski 
10 Zimmerly, Jacob Gregg  28 Dec 1949Edgar County, Illinois I11050 Tuszynski 
11 Zimmerly, John  14 Apr 1918Edgar County, Illinois I11030 Tuszynski 
12 Zimmerly, John William  24 Oct 1862Edgar County, Illinois I11046 Tuszynski 
13 Zimmerly, Mary  29 Jan 1920Edgar County, Illinois I11032 Tuszynski 
14 Zimmerly, Mary Susan  11 Jan 1941Edgar County, Illinois I11048 Tuszynski 
15 Zimmerly, Sarah  25 Sep 1909Edgar County, Illinois I11028 Tuszynski 
16 Zimmerly, Thomas Burgess  23 Oct 1864Edgar County, Illinois I11047 Tuszynski 
17 Zimmerly, Tillie Evaline  14 Jul 1945Edgar County, Illinois I11051 Tuszynski 
18 Zink, Susannah (La 53)  5 Dec 1873Edgar County, Illinois I2587 Tuszynski 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Zimmerly / Gregg  26 Jun 1855Edgar County, Illinois F484 Tuszynski 

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