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Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carrara, Cecilia of  1356Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7090 Lavender 
2 Magdeburg, Wenzel Viscount  1370Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7100 Lavender 
3 ROGERS, Ambrose  1540Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8608 Lavender 
4 ROGERS, Daniel  1540Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8610 Lavender 
5 Rogers, John  21 Nov 1538Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8612 Lavender 
6 ROGERS, Philip  1547Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8624 Lavender 
7 ROGERS, Samuel  1545Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8623 Lavender 
8 Saxe-Wittenberg, Anna of  1372Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7082 Lavender 
9 SAXONY LAUENBURG, Johann I Of  1249Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7475 Lavender 
10 SAXONY WITTENBERG, Elisabeth of  1230Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7476 Lavender 
11 VonSachsen Wittenberg, Albrecht II Herzog  1243Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7106 Lavender 
12 Wittenberg, Margareta vonSachsen  1370Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7101 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Magdeburg, Wenzel Viscount  18 Sep 1402Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7100 Lavender 
2 ROGERS, Samuel  1633Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P8623 Lavender 
3 Saxony Wittenberg, Albert II of  25 Aug 1298Wittenberg, Sachsen, Germany P7474 Lavender 

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