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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balfour, Robert Shekelton  7 Mar 1869Marylebone, London, England P16956 Lavender 
2 Baring, Charles Evelyn (1st Baron Howick of Glendale)  29 Sep 1903Marylebone, London, England P10588 Lavender 
3 Baring, Eleanor Mary  12 Dec 1850Marylebone, London, England P16962 Lavender 
4 Baring, Hon. Windham RN  29 Sep 1880Marylebone, London, England P10591 Lavender 
5 Baring, Patrick  10 Jan 1919Marylebone, London, England P12947 Lavender 
6 BARING, Sir Mark  1916Marylebone, London, England P12949 Lavender 
7 Barton, Ellen Marjory  13 Nov 1895Marylebone, London, England P13734 Lavender 
8 Brudenell, Ursula Daphne  1905Marylebone, London, England P15519 Lavender 
9 Fitzherbert, AUGUSTA ISABELLA 2  1828Marylebone, London, England P1317 Lavender 
10 Fitzherbert, JUDITH 2  1821Marylebone, London, England P1319 Lavender 
11 Laurie, Rosalind Margaret Marshall  11 Apr 1856Marylebone, London, England P17784 Lavender 
12 Leslie, Seymour William  30.9.1889Marylebone, London, England P15191 Lavender 
13 Ponsonby, Bertie Brabazon  10 Feb 1885Marylebone, London, England  P14993 Lavender 
14 Ponsonby, Cyril Myles Brabazon  16 Nov 1881Marylebone, London, England P14997 Lavender 
15 Ponsonby, Desmond Neuflize  4 Aug 1915Marylebone, London, England P15000 Lavender 
16 Ponsonby, Frederick Edward Neuflize  29 Mar 1913Marylebone, London, England P15001 Lavender 
17 Ponsonby, Helena Blanche Irene  16 Jun 1878Marylebone, London, England P14994 Lavender 
18 PONSONBY, Lady Gweneth Frida  15 Jun 1888Marylebone, London, England P12950 Lavender 
19 Ponsonby, Vere Brabazon, (9th Earl of Bessborough)  27 Oct 1880Marylebone, London, England P14995 Lavender 
20 Randall, Rebe Ellen  17 January 1897Marylebone, London, England P13591 Lavender 
21 Rogers, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Marylebone, London, England P659 Lavender 
22 Thynne, Henry Frederick 3rd Marquess of Bath  24 May 1797Marylebone, London, England P13342 Lavender 
23 Thynne, John Botteville  27 May 1867Marylebone, London, England P14536 Lavender 
24 Venables, Rose Matilda  Abt 1892Marylebone, London, England P5423 Lavender 
25 White, Hon. Elizabeth Patricia  5 Nov 1923Marylebone, London, England P5821 Lavender 
26 White, Luke Robert  15 Mar 1927Marylebone, London, England P5822 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baring, Cecil (3rd baron revelstoke of membland)  26 Jan 1934Marylebone, London, England P10557 Lavender 
2 Baring, Rowland Thomas (2nd Earl of Cromer) (Grenadier Guards)  13 May 1953Marylebone, London, England P10590 Lavender 
3 Bingham,, George Charles Patrick (6th Earl Lucan) (Coldstream Guards)  21 January 1964Marylebone, London, England P12876 Lavender 
4 Douglas-Scott-Montagu, John Walter Edward, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu  30 Mar 1929Marylebone, London, England P13328 Lavender 
5 Douglas-Scott-Montagu, Robert Henry  10 Feb 1916Marylebone, London, England P13327 Lavender 
6 Eden, Emma Mary  30 Mar 1895Marylebone, London, England P17176 Lavender 
7 Gordon, Louisa  5 Dec 1850Marylebone, London, England P7931 Lavender 
8 GORDON-LENNOX, CHARLES ( 5th Duke of Richmond ) (52nd Foot)  1860Marylebone, London, England P9598 Lavender 
9 Gordon-Lennox, Lord Walter Charles MP  21 October 1922Marylebone, London, England P12265 Lavender 
10 Lade, Edith Rose  Jun 1934Marylebone, London, England P1554 Lavender 
11 Maitland Lauderdale, LtCol Frederick Colin (Royal Fusliers)  14 Sep 1931Marylebone, London, England P1305 Lavender 
12 Paget, Henry Edward Clarence  10 Aug 1940Marylebone, London, England P17177 Lavender 
13 Ponsonby, Gerald Henry Brabazon  30 Nov 1908Marylebone, London, England P16398 Lavender 
14 Spencer Churchill, Maj John Strange (Oxfordshire Hussars)  23 Feb 1947Marylebone, London, England P8566 Lavender 
15 Vesey,, Frances Isabella Catherine Marchioness of Bath  31 October 1915Marylebone, London, England P14533 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rogers, Alfred Albert  1881Marylebone, London, England P637 Lavender 
2 Rogers, Alfred Albert  1881Marylebone, London, England P637 Lavender 
3 Rogers, Arthur Frederick  1881Marylebone, London, England P647 Lavender 
4 Rogers, Edith L.  1881Marylebone, London, England P648 Lavender 
5 Rogers, Francis William (Royal West Kent Regt)  1881Marylebone, London, England P632 Lavender 
6 Rogers, George A.  1881Marylebone, London, England P642 Lavender 
7 Rogers, Nellie J.  1881Marylebone, London, England P646 Lavender 

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