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Hackney, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arrowsmith, Abraham  1822Hackney, Middlesex, England P3937 Lavender 
2 Arrowsmith, Eveline M.  Abt 1877Hackney, Middlesex, England P758 Lavender 
3 Bowes, Elizabeth A  Abt 1856Hackney, Middlesex, England P9496 Lavender 
4 Clark, Edgar John Robert  1899Hackney, Middlesex, England P6667 Lavender 
5 Ellett, John Thomas (Royal army service corps)  17 July 1876Hackney, Middlesex, England P744 Lavender 
6 HULL, MARY ANN FRANCES 1  1826Hackney, Middlesex, England P1684 Lavender 
7 Phillpot, Albert E.  30 November 1907Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1823 Lavender 
8 Phillpot, Ernest William  2 February 1905Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1821 Lavender 
9 Rogers, Constance Isabel  Abt 1874Hackney, Middlesex, England P6672 Lavender 
10 Rogers, Ernest Angus J.  Abt 1871Hackney, Middlesex, England P6675 Lavender 
11 Rogers, Ethel Marianne  18 May 1880Hackney, Middlesex, England P6674 Lavender 
12 Rogers, Grace Rosamond  6 November 1878Hackney, Middlesex, England P6677 Lavender 
13 Rogers, Victor Frances Buxton  18 Aug 1877Hackney, Middlesex, England P6673 Lavender 
14 Rogers, Violet Jessie  About Jul 1876Hackney, Middlesex, England P6676 Lavender 
15 Scrafield, William Edward  About November 1906Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1816 Lavender 
16 Thomerson, Mary Ann  Abt 1866Hackney, Middlesex, England P18564 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banks, Annie Louisa  10 May 1950Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND P720 Lavender 
2 Ellet, Charles Henry  Feb 1919Hackney, Middlesex, England P747 Lavender 
3 Ellett, Joseph Edward  1937Hackney, Middlesex, England P752 Lavender 
4 Lade, John  Dec 1861Hackney, Middlesex, England P1405 Lavender 
5 Lavender, ALFRED WILLIAM 1  31 Jan 1973Hackney, Middlesex, England P1084 Lavender 
6 Phillpot, ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE 1  About February 1905Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1784 Lavender 
7 Wilkinson, Mary  10 July 1866Hackney, Middlesex, England P18567 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 susanna  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P781 Lavender 
2 Banks, Henry  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P1858 Lavender 
3 Banks, Samuel  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P775 Lavender 
4 Banks, william  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P782 Lavender 
5 Caton, Charlotte Elizabeth Eddis  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P2992 Lavender 
6 lade, Caroline 1  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England P573 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 PHILLPOT / PARR  16 January 1820Hackney, Middlesex, ENGLAND F4359 Lavender 

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