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Hackney, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellett, Beatrice Adelaide  31 Aug 1903Hackney, London, England P750 Lavender 
2 Ellett, Edith Florence  22 Dec 1909Hackney, London, England P748 Lavender 
3 Ellett, Everlyn Laura  14 Jun 1905Hackney, London, England P749 Lavender 
4 Ellett, Isabel Mary  1875Hackney, London, England P754 Lavender 
5 Phillpot, Walter John (Royal Artillery)  About July 1897Hackney, London, ENGLAND P1790 Lavender 
6 Phillpot, William Alfred Charles (Middlesex Regt)  15 October 1895Hackney, London, ENGLAND P1788 Lavender 
7 Rogers, Cecil Victor A (Royal Artillery)  21 Aug 1895Hackney, London, England P8471 Lavender 
8 Rogers, Leslie Angus (Royal Army Service Corps)  1893Hackney, London, England P8473 Lavender 
9 Rogers, Winifred Constance  Abt 1899Hackney, London, England P8472 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Sidney James  Dec 2002Hackney, London, England P16042 Lavender 
2 Arrowsmith, Ann  1910Hackney, London, England P746 Lavender 
3 Ashford, Edmund J. (Royal Army Service Corps)  Jan 2003Hackney, London, England P2345 Lavender 
4 BORLEY, Louis Annie  1988Hackney, London, England P16559 Lavender 
5 Hull, Mary Ann Frances  Oct 1931Hackney, London, England P6176 Lavender 
6 Lavender, Gladys Daisy  Nov 1994Hackney, London, England P9680 Lavender 
7 Phillpot, William Alfred Charles (Middlesex Regt)  1923Hackney, London, England P1788 Lavender 
8 Sivyer, Mabel Louisa  Sep 1962Hackney, London, England P3530 Lavender 
9 Thomerson, William  29 Aug 1869Hackney, London, England P18577 Lavender 
10 Vidler, Edward  23 Aug 1816Hackney, London, England P8270 Lavender 
11 Vidler, Revd William  23 Aug 1816Hackney, London, England P8273 Lavender 
12 Vidler, William George Samuel  23 Aug 1916Hackney, London, England P8264 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Emma J 4  1891Hackney, London, England P2667 Lavender 
2 Arrowsmith, Ann  1881Hackney, London, England P746 Lavender 
3 Arrowsmith, Ann  1881Hackney, London, England P746 Lavender 
4 Arrowsmith, Ann  1891Hackney, London, England P746 Lavender 
5 Arrowsmith, Ann  1901Hackney, London, England P746 Lavender 
6 Ellet, Charles Henry  1881Hackney, London, England P747 Lavender 
7 Ellet, Charles Henry  1891Hackney, London, England P747 Lavender 
8 Ellet, Charles Henry  1901Hackney, London, England P747 Lavender 
9 Ellett, Charles Henry (Royal Sussex Regt)  1891Hackney, London, England P753 Lavender 
10 Ellett, Charles Henry (Royal Sussex Regt)  1901Hackney, London, England P753 Lavender 
11 Ellett, Florence Ann  1881Hackney, London, England P755 Lavender 
12 Ellett, Florence Ann  1901Hackney, London, England P755 Lavender 
13 Ellett, Isabel Mary  1881Hackney, London, England P754 Lavender 
14 Ellett, Isabel Mary  1901Hackney, London, England P754 Lavender 
15 Ellett, John Thomas (Royal army service corps)  1891Hackney, London, England P744 Lavender 
16 Ellett, John Thomas (Royal army service corps)  1901Hackney, London, England P744 Lavender 
17 Ellett, Joseph Edward  1891Hackney, London, England P752 Lavender 
18 Ellett, Joseph Edward  1901Hackney, London, England P752 Lavender 
19 Game, Charlotte  1881Hackney, London, England P827 Lavender 
20 Goodchild, Helen Elizabeth 1  1891Hackney, London, England P1105 Lavender 
21 Marshall, Ada Lucy  1871Hackney, London, England P4224 Lavender 
22 Marshall, Alice M  1871Hackney, London, England P4225 Lavender 
23 Marshall, Charles J (Royal Navy)  1871Hackney, London, England P4226 Lavender 
24 Rogers, Victor Frances Buxton  1891Hackney, London, England P6673 Lavender 
25 Rogers, Winifred Constance  1901Hackney, London, England P8472 Lavender 
26 Stewart, Amelia  1891Hackney, London, England P2273 Lavender 
27 Stewart, Charles Walker*  1891Hackney, London, England P1787 Lavender 
28 Stewart, Edward  1891Hackney, London, England P2272 Lavender 
29 Stewart, Mary  1891Hackney, London, England P2271 Lavender 
30 Tuppen, Mary Ann  1871Hackney, London, England P2866 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Phillpot / Acraman  Mar 1929Hackney, London, ENGLAND F120 Lavender 

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