Polish Genealogy

since 1995

To trace Your Ancestors - individual trips to Poland

You were born on foreign soil ... do not know the Polish language ... do not know where Your Ancestors lived ....
Nevertheless, you want to visit the old Homeland?
No problem. Genealogia Polska in cooperation with reputable travel agents will provide you with a sentimental trip to meet Your expectations.
Only describe to us your dreams, and we will do everything to make them fit into our offer.

What can you expect?

  • find your relatives,
  • find an old documents (records of births, deaths...),
  • You will visit churches, cemeteries, villages, cities and other places connected with the past of your family,
  • Your guide to Poland will be a professional genealogist,
  • arrange flight, meals and, if necessary, arrange hotel and car.

All the details are negotiated individually with each client. Our tours are customized to Your needs and expectations.

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