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The history of human sin began with an innocent question serpent to Eve: "Why?", "Is it true?" Likewise, the adventure begins with the genealogy and also carries with itself serious consequences. Man failed to break free from sin. Likewise, not many were able to escape their genealogical addiction. First comes the question: Why is this man called as we are but is not our family? The second stage is another question: Why didn't we know that this man, is indeed our family?
More questions arrive, answers missing. We begin to look for ourselves and we can never learn enough to satisfy our curiosity.

Do dnia dzisiejszego udało się nam zebrać dane na temat 11 osób i 4 rodzin.

Daty i rocznice

Daty świąt ruchomych w Kościele Katolickim od 1600 do 2100 roku

 Dziś jest 28 lutego 2021 roku
Imieniny obchodzą: Falibog, Gaja, Gajusz, Józef, Makary, Nadbor, Roman
Przysłowie ludowe na dziś: W lutym śniegi i mróz stały czynią w lecie upały, gdy burze, deszcze panują, dobry plon nam obiecują.
Wszystkim solenizantom składamy najserdeczniejsze życzenia.


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Family chronicle

It was long past midnight when Stanisław finished this strange tale. There was complete silence in the adjoining rooms where his five children slept. In this unusual silence, his wife Marianna was sitting at his feet. What she heard must have been shocking, because she did not speak for a long time. Stanisław did not urge her, although he was waiting impatiently for what he had to hear sooner or later. He knew that from his wife's point of view he had a lot on his conscience, although he did not feel guilty. He was aware that Marianna, always prudent, must have time to gather her thoughts, that it wasn't easy for her to sort things out in her head.
This is how the Family Chronicle, written by generations, begins. Today we are working on contemporary events.

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Our family tree has over 10,000 pieces of data. We also have around 75,000 photos and thousands of documents in our collection.
This tree can continue to grow only thanks to the interest and cooperation of close and distant relatives who, finding their relatives here, would like to share their information, photos or documents.