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Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Capt. Richard  22 Mar 1642Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I540235 Tuszynski 
2 Cutler, Joanna  Abt 1660Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I546590 Tuszynski 
3 Learnard, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1717Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542182 Tuszynski 
4 Learnard, Mary  3 Mar 1720Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542184 Tuszynski 
5 Learnard, Mary  22 May 1722Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542185 Tuszynski 
6 Learned, Benjamin  15 Jan 1714Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542180 Tuszynski 
7 Learned, Thomas  25 Feb 1717Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542181 Tuszynski 
8 Richardson, Jr., Samuel  27 May 1646Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I552759 Tuszynski 
9 Sawtelle, Jonathan  6 Apr 1676Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I556766 Tuszynski 
10 Stearns, Abigail  1646Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555567 Tuszynski 
11 Stearns, Corporal Samuel  24 Apr 1638Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555565 Tuszynski 
12 Stearns, Isaac  6 Jan 1633Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555564 Tuszynski 
13 Stearns, John  Abt 1630Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I545405 Tuszynski 
14 Stearns, John  Abt 1630Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555563 Tuszynski 
15 Stearns, Rebecca  1661Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I551488 Tuszynski 
16 Stone, Anna  30 Jun 1673Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555575 Tuszynski 
17 Tarbell, Abigail  1650Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I556757 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mason, Deacon Joseph  14 Oct 1688Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I547100 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barker, Mary  23 Apr 1677Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555560 Tuszynski 
2 Bates, Johanna  25 Aug 1683Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I545929 Tuszynski 
3 Fiske, Nathan of South Elham & Watertown  21 Jun 1676Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I533296 Tuszynski 
4 Learnard, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1717Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542182 Tuszynski 
5 Learnard, Mary  25 Jul 1720Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542184 Tuszynski 
6 Learnard, Mary  2 Apr 1738Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542185 Tuszynski 
7 Learned, Thomas  12 Mar 1717Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I542181 Tuszynski 
8 Learned, Thomas  22 Dec 1729Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I536821 Tuszynski 
9 Parkhurst, Phebe  1688Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I522227 Tuszynski 
10 Pierce, Anthony  19 May 1678Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I546364 Tuszynski 
11 Pierce, Anthony  19 May 1678Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I546688 Tuszynski 
12 Pierce, John  19 Aug 1661Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I5547 Tuszynski 
13 Stearns, Abigail  15 Oct 1690Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555567 Tuszynski 
14 Stearns, Corporal Samuel  3 Aug 1683Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555565 Tuszynski 
15 Stearns, Hannah  Bef 17 Jun 1656Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555562 Tuszynski 
16 Stearns, Isaac  19 Jun 1671Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555559 Tuszynski 
17 Stearns, Isaac  29 Aug 1676Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555564 Tuszynski 
18 Stearns, John  5 Mar 1669Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I545405 Tuszynski 
19 Stearns, John  5 Mar 1669Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I555563 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Parkhurst, Jr., George  16 Mar 1698Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I522229 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Imigracja    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, of Ilchester & Providence, Thomas  25 Jul 1636Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I536478 Tuszynski 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jewell / Watertown  1670Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts F520469 Tuszynski 
2 Parkhurst, Sr. / Leete  Aft 24 Apr 1645Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts F519118 Tuszynski 

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