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Warbleton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AVERY, MARGARET  1590Warbleton, Sussex, England P8169 Lavender 
2 Barrow, George R  Abt 1838Warbleton, Sussex, England P4778 Lavender 
3 Barrow, William John (Royal Marine Light Inf Regt)  Abt 1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P4336 Lavender 
4 BOOTH, Hannah  1787Warbleton, Sussex, England P1414 Lavender 
5 BOOTH, James  29 Dec 1796Warbleton, Sussex, England P1412 Lavender 
6 BOOTH, John  18 Nov 1791Warbleton, Sussex, England P1413 Lavender 
7 BOOTH, Mary  28 Jul 1799Warbleton, Sussex, England P1411 Lavender 
8 BOOTH, Ruth  09 Jan 1802Warbleton, Sussex, England P1410 Lavender 
9 BOOTH, Thomas  27 Dec 1785Warbleton, Sussex, England P1415 Lavender 
10 Brook, Hannah 1  Abt 1826Warbleton, Sussex, England P145 Lavender 
11 brook, henry samuel  Apr 1846Warbleton, Sussex, England P204 Lavender 
12 brook, Mary Ann 1  Abt 1801Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
13 Burgess, Caroline  Abt 1857Warbleton, Sussex, England P16353 Lavender 
14 Burgess, Charles  Abt 1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P1529 Lavender 
15 Burgess, Eliza  Abt 1849Warbleton, Sussex, England P1535 Lavender 
16 Burgess, Harriett  Abt 1844Warbleton, Sussex, England P1531 Lavender 
17 Burgess, Horace  Abt 1858Warbleton, Sussex, England P1536 Lavender 
18 Burgess, John  Abt 1833Warbleton, Sussex, England P2081 Lavender 
19 Burgess, Lucy  Abt 1835Warbleton, Sussex, England P578 Lavender 
20 Burgess, Michael  Abt 1816Warbleton, Sussex, England P1528 Lavender 
21 Burgess, Phil Lade  Abt 1847Warbleton, Sussex, England P1530 Lavender 
22 Burgess, Ruth Hannah  Abt 1842Warbleton, Sussex, England P1532 Lavender 
23 Burgess, Sarah Ann  Abt 1854Warbleton, Sussex, England P1533 Lavender 
24 Burgess, William Henry  Abt 1854Warbleton, Sussex, England P1537 Lavender 
25 Catt, Harriett Ann  Abt 1852Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
26 Collins, Alexander  1680Warbleton, Sussex, England P5307 Lavender 
27 Collins, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1712Warbleton, Sussex, England P2795 Lavender 
28 Collins, Emily  Abt 1814Warbleton, Sussex, England P1421 Lavender 
29 Collins, Joseph  07 Sep 1766Warbleton, Sussex, England P2222 Lavender 
30 Collins, Joseph  7 Sep 1766Warbleton, Sussex, England P1950 Lavender 
31 Cornford, Philadelphia  1742Warbleton, Sussex, England P8160 Lavender 
32 Dallaway, Martha  Abt. 1795Warbleton, Sussex, England P549 Lavender 
33 Dallaway, Samuel  Abt 1823Warbleton, Sussex, England P2083 Lavender 
34 Dann, Albert Alfred (RAVC)  21 May 1883Warbleton, Sussex, England P228 Lavender 
35 Dann, Alice Maud x  3 Jan 1887Warbleton, Sussex, England P227 Lavender 
36 Dawes, Herbert Edward  Abt 1856Warbleton, Sussex, England P4339 Lavender 
37 Dolaway, Sarah  1736Warbleton, Sussex, England P2797 Lavender 
38 Fairetay, Florence Mary  Abt 1900Warbleton, Sussex, England P3361 Lavender 
39 Foster, Susan  1796Warbleton, Sussex, England P4513 Lavender 
40 Fox, James  Abt 1865Warbleton, Sussex, England P3356 Lavender 
41 fox, mary  24 Jul 1802Warbleton, Sussex, England P565 Lavender 
42 Fox, Ruth  01 Apr 1823Warbleton, Sussex, England P2985 Lavender 
43 Gurr, Alfred  1827Warbleton, Sussex, England P18294 Lavender 
44 Gurr, Caroline Lade  Abt 1866Warbleton, Sussex, England P1061 Lavender 
45 Gurr, George  1825Warbleton, Sussex, England P18295 Lavender 
46 Gurr, Richard  1832Warbleton, Sussex, England P18293 Lavender 
47 Gurr, Richard  Abt 1832Warbleton, Sussex, England P8147 Lavender 
48 Gurr, Sarah  1831Warbleton, Sussex, England P18298 Lavender 
49 Gurr, Thomas  1802Warbleton, Sussex, England P18284 Lavender 
50 Gurr, Thomas  1828Warbleton, Sussex, England P18297 Lavender 
51 Gurr, William Huntley Bryant  1835Warbleton, Sussex, England P18296 Lavender 
52 Harmer, Thomas  1814Warbleton, Sussex, England P1527 Lavender 
53 Honeysett, Emily  1890Warbleton, Sussex, England P16038 Lavender 
54 Hood, Ann Hannah  1678Warbleton, Sussex, England P320 Lavender 
55 Isted, James  1780Warbleton, Sussex, England P16725 Lavender 
56 Isted, Mary  1782Warbleton, Sussex, England P8152 Lavender 
57 Isted, Richard  1719Warbleton, Sussex, England P8161 Lavender 
58 Isted, Thomas  1650Warbleton, Sussex, England P8166 Lavender 
59 Jarvis, Albert  Abt 1885Warbleton, Sussex, England P4784 Lavender 
60 Jarvis, Edgar (Royal Sussex Regt)  Sep 1888Warbleton, Sussex, England P4786 Lavender 
61 Jarvis, Frances Elizabeth  Dec 1877Warbleton, Sussex, England P4787 Lavender 
62 Jarvis, Henry L (Royal Army Service Corps)  1874Warbleton, Sussex, England P4788 Lavender 
63 Jarvis, Mary Jane  Sep 1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P4785 Lavender 
64 Jenner, mabel agness  15 February 1894Warbleton, Sussex, England P924 Lavender 
65 Kamp, Ellen  Abt 1836Warbleton, Sussex, England P1963 Lavender 
66 Kamp, Timothy  Abt 1843Warbleton, Sussex, England P1962 Lavender 
67 Keeley, Harriett 1  1830Warbleton, Sussex, England P144 Lavender 
68 LADE, DANIEL (Royal Fusliers)  1878Warbleton, Sussex, England P1512 Lavender 
69 Lade, Edith Rose  Sep 1892Warbleton, Sussex, England P1554 Lavender 
70 Lade, Edmund  Mar 1815Warbleton, Sussex, England P8159 Lavender 
71 LADE, EDMUND ( Royal Sussex Regt)  1882Warbleton, Sussex, England P1511 Lavender 
72 LADE, ELIZABETH  1810Warbleton, Sussex, England P1389 Lavender 
73 Lade, Elizabeth  Mar 1896Warbleton, Sussex, England P1553 Lavender 
74 LADE, GEORGE (Royal Artillery)  1865Warbleton, Sussex, England P1518 Lavender 
75 LADE, HARRIET  1816Warbleton, Sussex, England P1387 Lavender 
76 LADE, JAMES (Royal artillery)  1873Warbleton, Sussex, England P1515 Lavender 
77 Lade, John  Jul 1778Warbleton, Sussex, England P1405 Lavender 
78 LADE, JOSEPH (Royal Artillery)  1874Warbleton, Sussex, England P1514 Lavender 
79 LADE, MARY ANN 1  1883Warbleton, Sussex, England P1510 Lavender 
80 Lade, Sarah  May 1784Warbleton, Sussex, England P1402 Lavender 
81 Lade, Thomas  Apr 1761Warbleton, Sussex, England P1400 Lavender 
82 Lade, William James  1822Warbleton, Sussex, England P1386 Lavender 
83 Lavender, Adriell 1  1657Warbleton, Sussex, England P340 Lavender 
84 Lavender, Albert Edward (Royal Artillery)  25 Jan 1902Warbleton, Sussex, England P263 Lavender 
85 Lavender, Alexander 1  Abt 1739Warbleton, Sussex, England P301 Lavender 
86 Lavender, Alice 1  1859Warbleton, Sussex, England P576 Lavender 
87 Lavender, Alma Ethel 1  Abt 1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P4319 Lavender 
88 Lavender, Ann 1  Abt 1860Warbleton, Sussex, England P147 Lavender 
89 Lavender, Annie Matilda 1  Sep 1883Warbleton, Sussex, England P4320 Lavender 
90 Lavender, Asa (Royal Sussex Regt)  Sep 1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P256 Lavender 
91 Lavender, Bessie Ada 1  Mar 1886Warbleton, Sussex, England P4323 Lavender 
92 Lavender, Caroline Jane  Abt 1869Warbleton, Sussex, England P575 Lavender 
93 Lavender, Cyril David (800 coy (air dispatcher)(RASC)  17 Nov 1905Warbleton, Sussex, England P7 Lavender 
94 Lavender, David 1  Abt 1834Warbleton, Sussex, England P566 Lavender 
95 Lavender, Eli 1  Abt 1829Warbleton, Sussex, England P556 Lavender 
96 Lavender, ELI HENRY 1  Sep 1854Warbleton, Sussex, England P569 Lavender 
97 Lavender, Elijah  07 Jan 1830Warbleton, Sussex, England P558 Lavender 
98 Lavender, Elizabeth 1  1691Warbleton, Sussex, England P333 Lavender 
99 Lavender, Emily  Mar 1843Warbleton, Sussex, England P567 Lavender 
100 Lavender, Frederick Farmer 1  1840Warbleton, Sussex, England P568 Lavender 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrow, George R  1894Warbleton, Sussex, England P4778 Lavender 
2 BOOTH, James  12 Mar 1843Warbleton, Sussex, England P1412 Lavender 
3 BOOTH, John  17 Jan 1866Warbleton, Sussex, England P1413 Lavender 
4 BOOTH, Mary  29 Apr 1864Warbleton, Sussex, England P1411 Lavender 
5 BOOTH, Ruth  29 Apr 1864Warbleton, Sussex, England P1410 Lavender 
6 BOOTH, Thomas  24 Dec 1858Warbleton, Sussex, England P1415 Lavender 
7 Burgess, Michael  8 Jan 1900Warbleton, Sussex, England P1528 Lavender 
8 Cornford, Philadelphia  1819Warbleton, Sussex, England P8160 Lavender 
9 Dolaway, John  1745Warbleton, Sussex, England P2793 Lavender 
10 DOLAWAY, John 1  1783Warbleton, Sussex, England P389 Lavender 
11 Gurr, George  Feb 1826Warbleton, Sussex, England P18295 Lavender 
12 Gurr, Thomas  Dec 1882Warbleton, Sussex, England P18284 Lavender 
13 Hall, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1816Warbleton, Sussex, England P1381 Lavender 
14 Hayward, Hannah  31 May 1853Warbleton, Sussex, England P6388 Lavender 
15 Hood, Ann Hannah  Abt. 1735Warbleton, Sussex, England P320 Lavender 
16 ISTED, JOHN  1701Warbleton, Sussex, England P8168 Lavender 
17 Isted, Richard  Apr 1808Warbleton, Sussex, England P8161 Lavender 
18 LADE, ELIZABETH  1849Warbleton, Sussex, England P1389 Lavender 
19 Lade, John  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P8151 Lavender 
20 LADE, PHILLAMON  Jun 1833Warbleton, Sussex, England P1392 Lavender 
21 LADE, THOMAS 1  23 Oct 1814Warbleton, Sussex, England P1382 Lavender 
22 Lavender, Alexander 1  1793Warbleton, Sussex, England P301 Lavender 
23 Lavender, John  Sep 1875Warbleton, Sussex, England P62 Lavender 
24 Lavender, Kate 1  8 Jun 1948Warbleton, Sussex, England P574 Lavender 
25 Lavender, Levi  Dec 1906Warbleton, Sussex, England P71 Lavender 
26 Lavender, Lydia 1  11 Jun 1713Warbleton, Sussex, England P331 Lavender 
27 Lavender, Simon 1  1688Warbleton, Sussex, England P328 Lavender 
28 Lavender, William  1688Warbleton, Sussex, England P344 Lavender 
29 Lavender, William 1  1740Warbleton, Sussex, England P319 Lavender 
30 Lavender, William 1  1774Warbleton, Sussex, England P314 Lavender 
31 Lavender, William 1  Dec 1906Warbleton, Sussex, England P77 Lavender 
32 Oliver, Frances  Dec 1902Warbleton, Sussex, England P14612 Lavender 
33 Parris, Sarah  Nov 1878Warbleton, Sussex, England P18283 Lavender 
34 SAUNDERS, ANN  1663Warbleton, Sussex, England P327 Lavender 
35 Vidler, Henry John (Royal west Kent regt)  1947Warbleton, Sussex, England P396 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Akehurst, Sarah Amelia 1  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P577 Lavender 
2 Akehurst, Sarah Amelia 1  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P577 Lavender 
3 Akehurst, Sarah Amelia 1  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P577 Lavender 
4 Akehurst, Sarah Amelia 1  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P577 Lavender 
5 Akehurst, Sarah Amelia 1  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P577 Lavender 
6 BOOTH, PHILDELPHIA 1  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P969 Lavender 
7 BOOTH, PHILDELPHIA 1  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P969 Lavender 
8 BOOTH, PHILDELPHIA 1  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P969 Lavender 
9 Brett, Esther  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P128 Lavender 
10 Brook, Hannah 1  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P145 Lavender 
11 Brook, Hannah 1  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P145 Lavender 
12 Brook, Hannah 1  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P145 Lavender 
13 brook, Mary Ann 1  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
14 brook, Mary Ann 1  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
15 brook, Mary Ann 1  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
16 brook, Mary Ann 1  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
17 brook, Mary Ann 1  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
18 brook, Mary Ann 1  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P63 Lavender 
19 brook, samuel  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P205 Lavender 
20 Burgess, Newton  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P2202 Lavender 
21 Catt, Harriett Ann  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
22 Catt, Harriett Ann  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
23 Catt, Harriett Ann  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
24 Catt, Harriett Ann  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
25 Catt, Harriett Ann  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P66 Lavender 
26 Collins, David  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P1422 Lavender 
27 Collins, Emily  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P1421 Lavender 
28 COLLINS, Harriet  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P141 Lavender 
29 COLLINS, Harriet  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P141 Lavender 
30 Dallaway, Martha  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P549 Lavender 
31 Dallaway, Martha  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P549 Lavender 
32 Dann, Albert  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P187 Lavender 
33 Dann, Arthur H (Royal Sussex Regt)  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P189 Lavender 
34 Dann, Arthur H (Royal Sussex Regt)  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P189 Lavender 
35 Dann, Arthur H (Royal Sussex Regt)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P189 Lavender 
36 Dann, George  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P184 Lavender 
37 Dann, George  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P184 Lavender 
38 Dann, Robert  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P185 Lavender 
39 Daw, Alice  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P194 Lavender 
40 Daw, Frances  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P195 Lavender 
41 Fairetay, Florence Mary  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P3361 Lavender 
42 Fairetey, Joseph Luther  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P3362 Lavender 
43 fox, mary  Warbleton, Sussex, England P565 Lavender 
44 fox, mary  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P565 Lavender 
45 fox, mary  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P565 Lavender 
46 Goldsmith, Elsie Sarah Jane  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7138 Lavender 
47 Goldsmith, George A  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7140 Lavender 
48 Goldsmith, Gladys  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7142 Lavender 
49 Goldsmith, Harriett J  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7139 Lavender 
50 Goldsmith, James (Royal Artillery)  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7143 Lavender 
51 Goldsmith, Reginald Amos  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P7141 Lavender 
52 Gurr, Richard  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P8147 Lavender 
53 Gurr, Richard  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P8147 Lavender 
54 Gurr, Richard  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P8147 Lavender 
55 Haffenden, Amelia Milicent  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P377 Lavender 
56 Haffenden, Anne  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P311 Lavender 
57 Haffenden, Edgar (Royal Horse Artillery)  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P378 Lavender 
58 Haffenden, George Myrtle  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P376 Lavender 
59 Haffenden, Jesse  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P380 Lavender 
60 Hood, George 1  1705Warbleton, Sussex, England P336 Lavender 
61 Isted, William  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P8163 Lavender 
62 ISTED, WILLIAM  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P8162 Lavender 
63 ISTED, WILLIAM  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P8162 Lavender 
64 Jarvis, Albert  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P4784 Lavender 
65 Jarvis, Albert  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P4784 Lavender 
66 Jarvis, Edgar (Royal Sussex Regt)  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P4786 Lavender 
67 Jarvis, Thomas Henry 1  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P4782 Lavender 
68 Jarvis, Thomas Henry 1  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P4782 Lavender 
69 Jarvis, Thomas Henry 1  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P4782 Lavender 
70 Jarvis, Thomas Henry 1  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P4782 Lavender 
71 Jarvis, William Levi ( Royal East Surrey Regt)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P4783 Lavender 
72 Jarvis, William Levi ( Royal East Surrey Regt)  02 Apr 1911Warbleton, Sussex, England P4783 Lavender 
73 Kamp, MARY ANN  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
74 Kamp, MARY ANN  1861Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
75 Kamp, MARY ANN  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
76 Kamp, MARY ANN  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
77 Kamp, MARY ANN  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
78 Kamp, MARY ANN  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
79 Kamp, MARY ANN  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P1509 Lavender 
80 lade, Caroline 1  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P573 Lavender 
81 Lade, Caroline  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P8148 Lavender 
82 LADE, CAROLINE  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P1519 Lavender 
83 LADE, DANIEL (Royal Fusliers)  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1512 Lavender 
84 LADE, DANIEL (Royal Fusliers)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1512 Lavender 
85 LADE, EDMUND ( Royal Sussex Regt)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1511 Lavender 
86 LADE, GEORGE (Royal Artillery)  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P1518 Lavender 
87 LADE, GEORGE (Royal Artillery)  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1518 Lavender 
88 LADE, JAMES (Royal artillery)  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1515 Lavender 
89 LADE, JAMES (Royal artillery)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1515 Lavender 
90 LADE, JOHN  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P1520 Lavender 
91 LADE, JOHN  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1520 Lavender 
92 LADE, JOSEPH (Royal Artillery)  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1514 Lavender 
93 LADE, JOSEPH (Royal Artillery)  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1514 Lavender 
94 LADE, MARY ANN 1  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1510 Lavender 
95 LADE, MARY ANN 1  1901Warbleton, Sussex, England P1510 Lavender 
96 LADE, PHILEMON FIELD HILL 1  1841Warbleton, Sussex, England P970 Lavender 
97 LADE, PHILEMON FIELD HILL 1  1851Warbleton, Sussex, England P970 Lavender 
98 LADE, PHILIMON  1871Warbleton, Sussex, England P1521 Lavender 
99 LADE, PHILIMON  1881Warbleton, Sussex, England P1521 Lavender 
100 LADE, PHILIMON  1891Warbleton, Sussex, England P1521 Lavender 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Collins / Collins  04 Dec 1832Warbleton, Sussex, England F359 Lavender 
2 Collins / Lavender  04 Dec 1832Warbleton, Sussex, England F2440 Lavender 
3 Goldsmith / Lavender  14 Feb 1729Warbleton, Sussex, England F921 Lavender 
4 Isted / Cornford  20 Oct 1763Warbleton, Sussex, England F2022 Lavender 
5 Jenner / Lavender  27 Aug 1892Warbleton, Sussex, England F149 Lavender 
6 LADE / BOOTH  1826Warbleton, Sussex, England F248 Lavender 
7 LADE / Hall  11 Mar 1778Warbleton, Sussex, England F250 Lavender 
8 Lade / Isted  24 Aug 1801Warbleton, Sussex, England F2019 Lavender 
9 Lavender / fox  1822Warbleton, Sussex, England F85 Lavender 
10 Lavender / Sandors  30 Sep 1656Warbleton, Sussex, England F2176 Lavender 
11 Lavender / SAUNDERS  30 Oct 1654Warbleton, Sussex, England F54 Lavender 
12 Wenham / Lavender  23 Jul 1821Warbleton, Sussex, England F62 Lavender 

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