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St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Altmann, Cornelius  18 Jan 1945St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I2886 Mierzwiński 
2 Altmann, Mary  17 Jun 1925St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I2889 Mierzwiński 
3 Austin, William J. (Jack)  12 Mar 1981St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I420 Mierzwiński 
4 Bartley, Cornelia C.  6 Sep 1997St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I82 Mierzwiński 
5 Batch nee Melton, Mary Margaret  17 May 1933St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I412 Mierzwiński 
6 Brockman, Emma M.  13 Sep 1983St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I414 Mierzwiński 
7 Brockman, Paul L.  28 Jan 1992St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I417 Mierzwiński 
8 Brockman nee Seng, Mary Rose  26 Jan 1978St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I3537 Mierzwiński 
9 Denning, Edwina A.  13 May 1985St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I154 Mierzwiński 
10 Jasper, Raymond G.  24 Dec 1984St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I410 Mierzwiński 
11 Leinenbach, Andrew  St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I428 Mierzwiński 
12 Leinenbach, Angela  St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I429 Mierzwiński 
13 Leinenbach, Augusta Eva (Gustie)  14 Apr 1975St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I150 Mierzwiński 
14 Leinenbach, Emma J.  20 Oct 1989St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I152 Mierzwiński 
15 Leinenbach, Eva  St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I430 Mierzwiński 
16 Leinenbach, Frank Nicholas  14 Oct 1995St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I81 Mierzwiński 
17 Leinenbach, Helen Clarissa Henryette  13 Dec 1990St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I2627 Mierzwiński 
18 Leinenbach, Hubert J.  20 Feb 1990St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I153 Mierzwiński 
19 Leinenbach, Isabelle  5 Oct 1926St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I431 Mierzwiński 
20 Leinenbach, John  2 Oct 1936St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I155 Mierzwiński 
21 Leinenbach, Joseph Edward  14 Mar 1977St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I148 Mierzwiński 
22 Leinenbach, Leo H.  30 Oct 1978St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I147 Mierzwiński 
23 Leinenbach, Lorraine Ann  24 Oct 1966St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I151 Mierzwiński 
24 Leinenbach, Nicholas  7 Dec 1943St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I144 Mierzwiński 
25 Leinenbach, Nikolaus (Nicholas)  27 Jan 1897St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I422 Mierzwiński 
26 Leinenbach, Robert Andrew  6 Apr 1983St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I146 Mierzwiński 
27 Rickelmann, Anna Maria  11 Jun 1901St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I156 Mierzwiński 
28 Scheier, Katharina (Catherine)  30 Jul 1890St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I423 Mierzwiński 
29 Schlachter, Franciska Margaretha (Frances)  18 Sep 1958St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I145 Mierzwiński 
30 Weyer, Emma  9 Jul 1973St. Ferdinand Cemetery,Ferdinand,Indiana I415 Mierzwiński 

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