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Surry County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, Frances  ABT. 1759Surry County, North Carolina I64904
2 Bailey, Louise  ABT. 1768Surry County, North Carolina I27597
3 Puckett, Joseph  26 Apr 1785Surry County, North Carolina I59106
4 Hill, Martha  30 Dec 1785Surry County, North Carolina I04544
5 Oglesby, William Jr.  ABT. 1789Surry County, North Carolina I64909
6 Oglesby, Elizabeth  ABT. 1798Surry County, North Carolina I64910
7 Oglesby, Thomas  ABT. 1800Surry County, North Carolina I64911
8 Oglesby, Daniel  AFT. 1802Surry County, North Carolina I64912
9 Oglesby, Churchill  AFT. 1804Surry County, North Carolina I64913
10 Oglesby, Shadrack  ABT. 1806Surry County, North Carolina I64914
11 Oglesby, Martha  ABT. 1808Surry County, North Carolina I64915
12 Crissman, Sarah  ABT. 1813Surry County, North Carolina I04664
13 Haynes, James  20 May 1820Surry County, North Carolina I04535
14 Cox, Francis  3 Aug 1823Surry County, North Carolina I04536
15 Riner, Sarah A  1833Surry County, North Carolina I29602
16 Riner, Sarah A.  1833Surry County, North Carolina I29889
17 Wilmouth, Sara Francis  24 Feb 1852Surry County, North Carolina I04532
18 Haynes, John Winston  15 Oct 1854Surry County, North Carolina I04531
19 Draughn, Russell  1856Surry County, North Carolina I04533
20 Haynes, Elizabeth Frances "Bet"  23 Nov 1880Surry County, North Carolina I04596
21 Haynes, James Tyson  25 Dec 1882Surry County, North Carolina I04445
22 Draughn, Julinia  15 Dec 1884Surry County, North Carolina I04446
23 Branch, John Lee  3 Jun 1886Surry County, North Carolina I04467
24 Haynes, William Huston  2 Sep 1889Surry County, North Carolina I04598
25 Mitchell, Frances Caroline  4 Sep 1889Surry County, North Carolina I04571
26 Haynes, Romes Oscar  19 Dec 1903Surry County, North Carolina I04547
27 Branch, Howard William  22 Aug 1911Surry County, North Carolina I04572
28 Branch, Isaac Webb  21 Jan 1913Surry County, North Carolina I04488
29 Branch, Ellis Jerald  18 Feb 1914Surry County, North Carolina I04489
30 Hemmings, Vesta Faye  23 Aug 1914Surry County, North Carolina I04492
31 Branch, Charlie Banks  13 Jun 1916Surry County, North Carolina I04574
32 Branch, Warren Gilmer  12 Mar 1921Surry County, North Carolina I04490
33 Branch, Jacob Henry  11 Apr 1921Surry County, North Carolina I04576
34 Haynes, Anna Lorena  29 Aug 1926Surry County, North Carolina I04447
35 Branch, Willie  30 Mar 1927Surry County, North Carolina I04584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, Frances  Surry County, North Carolina I64904
2 Draughn, Russell  Surry County, North Carolina I04533
3 Oglesby, Micajah  1828Surry County, North Carolina I64900
4 Hill, Martha  1863Surry County, North Carolina I04544
5 Cox, Francis  9 May 1902Surry County, North Carolina I04536
6 Haynes, James  8 May 1907Surry County, North Carolina I04535
7 Wilmouth, Sara Francis  26 Aug 1920Surry County, North Carolina I04532
8 Dunbar, Maggie E.  1926Surry County, North Carolina I04484
9 Haynes, John Winston  4 Jun 1934Surry County, North Carolina I04531
10 Haynes, William Huston  13 May 1953Surry County, North Carolina I04598
11 Branch, Isaac Webb  30 Jul 1962Surry County, North Carolina I04488
12 Haynes, Elizabeth Frances "Bet"  14 Oct 1963Surry County, North Carolina I04596
13 Haynes, James Tyson  6 Dec 1964Surry County, North Carolina I04445
14 Draughn, Julinia  14 Oct 1965Surry County, North Carolina I04446
15 Branch, John Lee  23 Mar 1966Surry County, North Carolina I04467
16 Haynes, Romes Oscar  Jun 1969Surry County, North Carolina I04547
17 Branch, Ellis Jerald  11 Jun 1983Surry County, North Carolina I04489
18 Branch, Warren Gilmer  3 Jul 1992Surry County, North Carolina I04490
19 Hemmings, Vesta Faye  18 May 1993Surry County, North Carolina I04492


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boone / Lock  ABT. 1790Surry County, North Carolina F11514
2 Boone / Boone  ABT. 1792Surry County, North Carolina F11516
3 Haynes / Hill  3 Mar 1810Surry County, North Carolina F01641
4 Haynes / Cox  6 Oct 1846Surry County, North Carolina F01637
5 Draughn / Cave  23 Dec 1875Surry County, North Carolina F01589
6 Haynes / Wilmouth  25 Dec 1879Surry County, North Carolina F01588
7 Haynes / Draughn  21 Dec 1902Surry County, North Carolina F01587
8 Branch / Dunbar  10 Nov 1909Surry County, North Carolina F01609
9 Branch / Galyean  14 Jun 1910Surry County, North Carolina F01611
10 Haynes / Hamlin  ABT. 1911Surry County, North Carolina F01652