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Reynolds Co., MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carty, Charles Thomas  24 Jan 1869Reynolds Co., MO I26721
2 Carty, John George  12 Jan 1871Reynolds Co., MO I26722
3 Carty, Lillie Ann  12 Feb 1879Reynolds Co., MO I26725
4 Carty, Maggie J.  22 Nov 1872Reynolds Co., MO I26723
5 Carty, Martha Eller  5 Jun 1882Reynolds Co., MO I26726
6 Carty, Mary Louisa  18 Nov 1874Reynolds Co., MO I26724
7 Cox, Nancy  ABT. 1833Reynolds Co., MO I26059
8 Hawkins, Charles T.  28 Jul 1890Reynolds Co., MO I26695
9 Hawkins, Roy Clarence  17 Apr 1900Reynolds Co., MO I26702
10 Miner, Augustus  ABT. 1856Reynolds Co., MO I26338
11 Miner, Clara O.  9 Sep 1899Reynolds Co., MO I26675
12 Miner, Elizabeth  16 May 1855Reynolds Co., MO I26305
13 Miner, Gentry  ABT. 1869Reynolds Co., MO I26040
14 Miner, James C.  Aug 1880Reynolds Co., MO I26047
15 Miner, James H.  ABT. 1874Reynolds Co., MO I26319
16 Miner, Jesse Allen  3 Dec 1843Reynolds Co., MO I26298
17 Miner, John C.  2 Oct 1850Reynolds Co., MO I26302
18 Miner, Jordan  ABT. 1829Reynolds Co., MO I25848
19 Miner, Joseph E. "Bud"  Mar 1897Reynolds Co., MO I26321
20 Miner, Lilly Emeline  17 Aug 1871Reynolds Co., MO I26317
21 Miner, Mary  ABT. 1852Reynolds Co., MO I26337
22 Miner, Mary  ABT. 1857Reynolds Co., MO I26310
23 Miner, Mary Ann  Nov 1863Reynolds Co., MO I26036
24 Miner, Mason  26 Feb 1846Reynolds Co., MO I26300
25 Miner, Melville  26 Jun 1892Reynolds Co., MO I26635
26 Miner, Oda Esmond  Oct 1899Reynolds Co., MO I26322
27 Miner, Patsa  29 Aug 1852Reynolds Co., MO I26303
28 Miner, Paul  16 Jun 1905Reynolds Co., MO I26677
29 Miner, Pearly V.  4 May 1873Reynolds Co., MO I25815
30 Miner, Peter L.  25 Dec 1876Reynolds Co., MO I25817
31 Miner, Quintana  15 Jun 1848Reynolds Co., MO I26301
32 Miner, Robert F.  ABT. 1866Reynolds Co., MO I26039
33 Miner, Thomas Henry  4 Jan 1886Reynolds Co., MO I26623
34 Miner, William  ABT. 1850Reynolds Co., MO I26336
35 Miner, William  9 Nov 1853Reynolds Co., MO I26304


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Nancy Ann  10 Jan 1916Reynolds Co., MO I26057
2 Carty, George Washington  28 Apr 1917Reynolds Co., MO I26341
3 Carty, Lillie Ann  11 Feb 1960Reynolds Co., MO I26725
4 Carty, Maggie J.  1 Apr 1946Reynolds Co., MO I26723
5 Carty, Martha Eller  17 Nov 1939Reynolds Co., MO I26726
6 Gallaher, George W.  10 Apr 1877Reynolds Co., MO I26055
7 Gallaher, Mary  9 May 1877Reynolds Co., MO I26399
8 Hawkins, Charles T.  9 Apr 1956Reynolds Co., MO I26695
9 Hawkins, Roy Clarence  24 Oct 1956Reynolds Co., MO I26702
10 Mason, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Aug 1869Reynolds Co., MO I25842
11 Miner, Jesse Allen  BEF. 1886Reynolds Co., MO I26298
12 Miner, Laban E.  ABT. 1863Reynolds Co., MO I25841
13 Miner, Lazarus  BEF. 1876Reynolds Co., MO I25855
14 Miner, Lilly Emeline  28 Aug 1941Reynolds Co., MO I26317
15 Miner, Martha J.  15 Jan 1916Reynolds Co., MO I26342
16 Miner, Melville  ABT. 1901Reynolds Co., MO I26635
17 Miner, Milton  15 Nov 1888Reynolds Co., MO I26056
18 Miner, Serena  29 Dec 1876Reynolds Co., MO I25863
19 Miner, William M.  BEF. 1880Reynolds Co., MO I26062


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carty / Miner  ABT. 1862Reynolds Co., MO F09239
2 Crocker / Miner  28 Oct 1894Reynolds Co., MO F09139
3 Lee / Miner  7 Aug 1888Reynolds Co., MO F09052
4 Miner / Cox  BEF. 1850Reynolds Co., MO F09144
5 Wilkins / Miner  9 Feb 1891Reynolds Co., MO F09234