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Summers County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Buckland, Ruby Mae  22 Nov 1943Summers County, West Virginia I08424
102 Buckland, Russell P.  2 Oct 1901Summers County, West Virginia I06116
103 Buckland, Sarah A.  23 May 1887Summers County, West Virginia I05989
104 Buckland, Sarah Elizabeth  May 1891Summers County, West Virginia I05997
105 Buckland, Sarah Estella Pearl  Oct 1886Summers County, West Virginia I05932
106 Buckland, Silas Kade  28 Dec 1884Summers County, West Virginia I05868
107 Buckland, Silas Rayburn  14 Jul 1880Summers County, West Virginia I05899
108 Buckland, Ulysses Guy  2 Oct 1891Summers County, West Virginia I05811
109 Buckland, Vergie Leah  16 Nov 1893Summers County, West Virginia I05957
110 Buckland, Viola Jane  5 Apr 1894Summers County, West Virginia I05652
111 Buckland, William Arthur  7 Jun 1881Summers County, West Virginia I05843
112 Buckland, William Elbert  17 Feb 1886Summers County, West Virginia I05953
113 Buckland, William Kenneth  22 Jun 1920Summers County, West Virginia I05674
114 Buckland, William McCombs  17 Jul 1926Summers County, West Virginia I06756
115 Cox, Ethel Marie  22 Jun 1916Summers County, West Virginia I06163
116 Cox, Margaret Susan  13 Dec 1892Summers County, West Virginia I06367
117 Cox, Sidney Josephine  28 Aug 1883Summers County, West Virginia I06391
118 Cox, Silas Green  12 Apr 1894Summers County, West Virginia I06160
119 Cox, William Elmer  7 Jun 1915Summers County, West Virginia I06162
120 Farley, Linda Sue  30 Jan 1951Summers County, West Virginia I07521
121 Fitzpatrick, Charles Elder  27 Sep 1883Summers County, West Virginia I10995
122 Flint, Thomas Wayne  5 Jul 1880Summers County, West Virginia I57161
123 Goff, Minnie  13 Apr 1896Summers County, West Virginia I06015
124 Grimmett, Edith Roxie  31 Jul 1901Summers County, West Virginia I06226
125 Grimmett, Rachel Appie  Nov 1876Summers County, West Virginia I05697
126 Grimmett, Trecie Marie  3 Jan 1907Summers County, West Virginia I06323
127 Meadows, Alfred S. P.  1873Summers County, West Virginia I05456
128 Miller, Margaret  ABT. 1809Summers County, West Virginia I11172
129 Richmond, Emma Louella  1895Summers County, West Virginia I06213
130 Sears, Albert Carpenter  21 Apr 1906Summers County, West Virginia I08161
131 Taylor, Arnette Lewis  18 Jan 1904Summers County, West Virginia I57158
132 Taylor, Eva Virginia  7 Oct 1891Summers County, West Virginia I57153
133 Taylor, Gladys Elizabeth  5 May 1901Summers County, West Virginia I57157
134 Taylor, Homer Glen  23 Sep 1898Summers County, West Virginia I57156
135 Taylor, Ocie Ola  26 Dec 1882Summers County, West Virginia I57149
136 Taylor, Ollie Florence  7 Oct 1893Summers County, West Virginia I57154
137 Tolley, Ida Mae  23 May 1886Summers County, West Virginia I06198

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