,Saratoga,New York,USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abigail  1833,Saratoga,New York,USA I22750
2 Cook, Edna  Abt 1904,Saratoga,New York,USA I24736
3 Cook, Franklin  9 Jul 1905,Saratoga,New York,USA I24774
4 Cook, Leland  3 Nov 1908,Saratoga,New York,USA I24773
5 DeLong, Hazel  1897,Saratoga,New York,USA I61154
6 DeLong, Mabel  1896,Saratoga,New York,USA I61153
7 DeLong, Myrtle  1899,Saratoga,New York,USA I61100
8 Dingman, Frederick  1866,Saratoga,New York,USA I29037
9 Dingman, William  1863,Saratoga,New York,USA I61155
10 Kenyon, Benjamin  Jun 1889,Saratoga,New York,USA I61107
11 Kenyon, Cordelia  Apr 1901,Saratoga,New York,USA I61109
12 Kenyon, Lewis  Oct 1898,Saratoga,New York,USA I61113
13 Preece, Ada  1879,Saratoga,New York,USA I67028
14 Preece, Elizabeth  1861,Saratoga,New York,USA I67038
15 Preece, Elvira  1863,Saratoga,New York,USA I67019
16 Preece, George  1883,Saratoga,New York,USA I67036
17 Preece, Jane  1865,Saratoga,New York,USA I67039
18 Preece, John  1871,Saratoga,New York,USA I67037
19 Preece, Katherine  1873,Saratoga,New York,USA I67030
20 Preece, Peter  1868,Saratoga,New York,USA I67035
21 Preece, Susan  1870,Saratoga,New York,USA I67029
22 Preece, Thomas  Abt 1876,Saratoga,New York,USA I67040
23 Swears, Elizabeth Matilda  1850,Saratoga,New York,USA I23578
24 Swears, Emily  1859,Saratoga,New York,USA I23581
25 Swears, Franklin  1859,Saratoga,New York,USA I23531
26 Swears, Franklin W.  10 Mar 1852,Saratoga,New York,USA I23528
27 Swears, Guy  12 Dec 1902,Saratoga,New York,USA I23571
28 Swears, Jane Eliza  Abt 1860,Saratoga,New York,USA I23583
29 Swears, Kesiah  1854,Saratoga,New York,USA I23529
30 Swears, Loren  31 Jan 1912,Saratoga,New York,USA I23572
31 Swears, Osborne  28 Apr 1900,Saratoga,New York,USA I23576
32 Swears, Pauline  1855,Saratoga,New York,USA I23530
33 Swears, Walter  9 Mar 1851,Saratoga,New York,USA I23527
34 Swears, Ward  Sep 1863,Saratoga,New York,USA I23582
35 Swears, Warren E.  9 Mar 1851,Saratoga,New York,USA I23526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annette  7 Oct 2002,Saratoga,New York,USA I26356
2 Bertha  1980,Saratoga,New York,USA I23650
3 Hattie  1950,Saratoga,New York,USA I23649
4 Helen  6 Aug 2005,Saratoga,New York,USA I32734
5 Marion  12 Apr 1993,Saratoga,New York,USA I34687
6 Belensz, Raymond  29 Jun 2008,Saratoga,New York,USA I73780
7 Blair, Ethel  7 Dec 1997,Saratoga,New York,USA I1373
8 Brust, Russell G.  15 Jun 2001,Saratoga,New York,USA I39617
9 Calkins, Abraham  4 May 1833,Saratoga,New York,USA I23476
10 Cichy, William  12 Aug 1970,Saratoga,New York,USA I77598
11 Colson, Rosanna  1940,Saratoga,New York,USA I61106
12 Dennebaum, Thomas  1978,Saratoga,New York,USA I59588
13 Dingman, Warren  21 Apr 1935,Saratoga,New York,USA I23592
14 Dussault, Rudolph  27 Aug 2001,Saratoga,New York,USA I108896
15 Freeman, Elizabeth  Bef 1830,Saratoga,New York,USA I23477
16 Gray, Verna  20 Aug 1999,Saratoga,New York,USA I105405
17 Hayes, Norman  7 Mar 1999,Saratoga,New York,USA I1478
18 Heisler, Howard E.  2 Feb 1971,Saratoga,New York,USA I59628
19 Kaletta, William  Nov 1986,Saratoga,New York,USA I26838
20 Kenyon, Holden  1941,Saratoga,New York,USA I61105
21 Lee, Barry W.  22 Sep 1973,Saratoga,New York,USA I61076
22 Maccardy, Anthony  Apr 1981,Saratoga,New York,USA I5819
23 Maccardy, Barbara Annette  20 Dec 2007,Saratoga,New York,USA I107915
24 McClements, Robert  15 Sep 1987,Saratoga,New York,USA I35299
25 McNutt, Mary  3 Apr 2009,Saratoga,New York,USA I83851
26 Okonsky, Louis  28 Jan 1998,Saratoga,New York,USA I28237
27 Olshein, Leon  Apr 1966,Saratoga,New York,USA I34595
28 Parravani, Elena  1963,Saratoga,New York,USA I60266
29 Preece, Peter  1944,Saratoga,New York,USA I67035
30 Razewski, Stanley  2010,Saratoga,New York,USA I61216
31 Rice, Charlotte  8 Dec 1916,Saratoga,New York,USA I23524
32 Rueter, Elizabeth Jane  Jan 1983,Saratoga,New York,USA I1205
33 Spencer, Gardner P.  6 Mar 1976,Saratoga,New York,USA I30767
34 Swears, Almon  1922,Saratoga,New York,USA I23569
35 Swears, Channing  1955,Saratoga,New York,USA I23534
36 Swears, Franklin W.  30 Jul 1853,Saratoga,New York,USA I23528
37 Swears, Guy  Jan 1982,Saratoga,New York,USA I23571
38 Swears, Henry  12 May 1902,Saratoga,New York,USA I23508
39 Swears, Loren  8 Aug 1996,Saratoga,New York,USA I23572
40 White, Ann Margaret  26 Jul 1935,Saratoga,New York,USA I23503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Catherine Theresa  25 Oct 2007,Saratoga,New York,USA I59799
2 DeLong, Dudley H.  ,Saratoga,New York,USA I61151
3 DiPasquale, Angelo  1983,Saratoga,New York,USA I107921
4 Heisler, Howard E.  Feb 1971,Saratoga,New York,USA I59628
5 Kellogg, Phoebe  1842,Saratoga,New York,USA I25792
6 Koons, Lillian  ,Saratoga,New York,USA I39668
7 Maccardy, Anna  2002,Saratoga,New York,USA I107920
8 Maccardy, Barbara Annette  Dec 2007,Saratoga,New York,USA I107915
9 Machardi, Giuseppi  Jan 1961,Saratoga,New York,USA I1659
10 Makowski, Casimir  ,Saratoga,New York,USA I58342
11 Naparty, Victor  19 Apr 2001,Saratoga,New York,USA I1468
12 Orminski, Richard  Aug 1998,Saratoga,New York,USA I265
13 Penichter, Chester  2003,Saratoga,New York,USA I58760
14 Penichter, John  2010,Saratoga,New York,USA I58762
15 Sanders, Oscar C.  Jun 1959,Saratoga,New York,USA I61352
16 Sheridan, James Jr.  Aug 2010,Saratoga,New York,USA I45347
17 Swears, Franklin W.  Aug 1853,Saratoga,New York,USA I23528
18 Zeglen, Sophie  ,Saratoga,New York,USA I32921


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kenyon / DeLong  ,Saratoga,New York,USA F22555
2 Kesler / Koncelbaum  17 Jun 1917,Saratoga,New York,USA F12655
3 Zapp / Loveland  2 Jun 1915,Saratoga,New York,USA F25824